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International and Cross-Border Trading

Selling internationally is a huge opportunity for many retailers and brands. Enabling overseas shipping to EU destinations is simple enough and a great start. But to go beyond that simple step can feel like an overwhelming challenge. eCommerce is emphatically not the same everywhere in the world. You’re going to need a few things:

Experience. I’ve done eCommerce client-engagements onsite in 16 countries. I also took a leading fashion brand international, establishing and managing localised sites, and creating a roadmap and blueprint for further expansion.

Knowledge. There’s a lot to consider, including marketplaces, translation, product-range, search, marketing, domain-naming, hosting, legal issues, payment methods, financial complexities, shipping, customs duties and much more. I’ve had a detailed 48 page guide to going international published, but even 48 pages is only a starting point.

Growth at Burberry 2005-2013

A Roadmap. Where to go? How to start? What to do first? You’ll need to pick an approach to every aspect of the challenge:

If you’re reading this page at all, you’re probably looking for information in this area. Why not pick up the phone and get that information first hand?

It helps my SEO-ranking to list the countries I’ve done onsite engagements in, so here they are: UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, India and China.

Although I'm based in the UK, for many years much of my business has come from non-UK clients. So if you are reading this from outside the UK, you are very welcome and I'd be delighted to talk to you!

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