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CPG, FCMG and Brands

So why the image of the crumpled pack at the top of this section?

Brand-to-retailer-to-consumer relationship triangle

It’s the third side of the triangle. Brands are typically outstanding at brand-to-consumer marketing, and these days that extends into Digital. And of course you have to be excellent at selling to your retailers and wholesalers. But because selling online direct-to-consumers is simply not an appropriate strategy for many brands, there’s often a critical competence that gets neglected: managing the complex digital B2B2C relationship between your retailers and your (shared) consumers. Even at its most simplistic, he result can be horrible abuse of your brand image like the picture above taken from a retailer’s website.

Try benchmarking yourself! Consider one of your key ranges sold through one of your top retailer partners via their website. Take my online benchmark. (It takes about 15 minutes).

It’s not just about the website. There’s a lot more involved in becoming a great partner for your digital retailers. For example packaging, logistics, content management, insight, promotions, and ultimately the product range itself may all have to be modified to best work with retailers who are online.

Based on my experience with leading brands, I can help you to drive your sales through best practice partnership with your digital retailers. Please get in touch.

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